Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opera Cabal rehearses USW in Oberlin

In preparation for a move to Chicago (February 19 & 20) and NYC (February 22), Opera Cabal spent the last week rehearsing its newest work, USW, here in snowy Oberlin. USW was commissioned and written by & for Opera Cabal in 2008 by Lewis Nielson, chair of composition at Oberlin Conservatory. We spent the summer workshopping the piece at High Concept Laboratories (one of Kevin Simmons' many projects) and are now putting on the finishing touches.

Some photos from the production process this winter, c/o Kevin Simmons...

Me, playing Rosa Luxemburg.

Sarah Kozinn, our new actress, cowering next to the newly-built chair.

Me, trapped behind the scrims.

Chair building.

Me & Sarah: hair-pulling (yes, these things are ALL in the show).

And finally, our creative team, from left: Habib Azar, director; Sarah Kozinn; Lewis Nielson; me, floor; and Molly Feingold, assistant director.

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