Monday, February 11, 2013

Slithering My Way Into the New York Times

I'm not sure if being counted as one among "Five other singers" who "supported the soloists" actually counts as a mention, but it's something! Check out Steve Smith's review in the New York Times of Sarah Kirkland Snider's new (and totally ravishing) song cycle, Unremembered, at the Ecstatic Music Festival this past weekend.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ecstatic Music Festival

This Wednesday I will be singing the music of Sarah Kirkland Snider at the Ecstatic Music Festival as part of a group that includes Shara Worden (of My Brightest Diamond) and Padma Newsome (of Clogs). How did I end up on this program? I'm starting a band called Diamond Clogs. (Just kidding.)

Sarah Kirkland Snider's music is stunningly beautiful, and the singers on this concert have some of the most enchanting voices I've ever heard. Think I'm laying it on a little thick? Listen to this.

Wednesday, February 6
Merkin Concert Hall
129 W. 67th St.